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Evolution of a Book by Terry Spear

First, there's a pitch--

Following a wolf’s paw prints in the Rockies, Tom Silver is determined to find the three wolves who have been attacking local farmers’ livestock near the gray wolf pack’s Silver Town, Colorado, certain they are pack members since they have to be disguising their scent. A blizzard sidetracks him, and he settles into a cabin his brothers own in the Rockies when he hears a plane crash nearby. What he doesn’t expect to find is a sole survivor. And more incredulous? She’s a female werewolf/coyote shifter mix bound as a prisoner. He suspects officials will be swarming all over the place, searching for their missing prisoner as soon as the weather permits. And he can’t let them have her—not when she’s a shifter.
Fed up with the killing of coyotes where she lives in the Panhandle of Texas and the articles written about the travesty of red wolves breeding with coyotes and diluting their blood, Elizabeth Wildwood writes her own article for the Panhandle News, explaining how similar the wolves and coyotes are and how important it is for a red wolf, who is so much rarer, to find a mate of her own, even if the mate turns out to be a coyote. She immediately receives death threats over the article—who would have ever thought? She’s taken hostage, crashes in the Rockies, and is rescued by one hunk of a gray wolf during a blizzard. Can her bad luck with men finally be changing?
But then it changes somewhat...during the writing of the story...
She meets Tom first at the Silver Town Ski Resort...well, before that. 
And that's how it goes...the pitch is correct...but it's only a small part of the story...the real story is so much bigger.
Then there's all the conflict--the characters', mine!!! Mine with the characters. Theirs with me. And the story conflicts, of course.
I usually have someone steal a scene that shouldn't. Characters will do that from time to time.
Sam and Silva do it twice. They reached their quota. 
The teens from Destiny of the Wolf who got themselves in trouble end up in this one too--Minx, Cody, and Anthony.
Some new hunks are added to the story...who have recently joined the pack.
A couple of questions are answered in this book. 
Which was first, the chicken or the egg? Loretta posed it. Donna answered it. The cocky rooster, I think she said.
To which I replied something to the effect, "How did we get to a discussion of roosters?"
And that's how my writing goes sometimes!!
It doesn't seem to make any sense, and yet in the end, hopefully, all the loose ends, including those that might not have seemed important, are. :)
 My critique partner wrote, "You don't need to include the details of the vehicles out front. Unless one is the bad guy's car."
I knew that! When we write a detail, even if it's just one in passing, it should be important. Why? Because those are the clues we feed to readers all along. If they miss them, it's okay. Because we give more clues along the way. But it's great if we can give details that really count for something.
In mysteries, the ploy is red herrings. Something that seems like it's important, but isn't. But it's more fun to tie in all the little clues and make them important and see if anyone realizes they are too.
So I'm writing the final scenes in Silence of the Wolf, wrapping up all the details, hoping I don't miss any...or that during editor rewrites things don't get cut that causes a loose end that wasn't there...and another story will have evolved!
Then? It's on to the next one!!!
And that's great news for you! Right???
Have a super wonderful Thursday! I'm off to wrap up more loose ends...in Silence of the Wolf!
Terry "Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!"