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Dreaming of the Wolf--My Editor....
Would you rather be an on purpose hero? Or come by it accidentally?

Dreaming of the Wolf  .....loved it!!! Book 8 
When you write on proposal--2 paragraphs max, you never know if what you end up writing will resonate with your editor.  So yesterday, I received a lovely email saying she loved Dreaming of the Wolf!!! Of course, I'm thrilled, and now off to work on minor edits. There will always be some, no matter what. And I'm always delighted to make changes that will improve the book before it's out to the reading public. 
In Dreaming of the Wolf, the 8th book of the series--I'm still having a hard time believing that it's the 8th book already when I wasn't sure if I'd sell beyond the first one, and I'm writing on the 10th one now, with another 3 to write!--but in this story, readers will get to see Jake's story, one of the triplet brothers from Destiny of the Wolf. I set it in Breckenridge, where I used to ski, to allow Jake to be his own man, and not just Darien's (his brother and pack leader) sub leader. It was time for Jake to fall in love.
 But that is only the beginning of all the trouble he gets into. The woman is a bounty hunter--human kind, who intrigues him, in part because his own kind are hunters. Getting entangled with a human woman isn't a good idea.  And so it begins...
I had fun with the story, as I do with every story, making it really different from all the rest. Some fans wanted to see more of my dream mating concept, and so for Jake, it's perfect--since he absolutely doesn't believe in it. 
 Dreaming of the Wolf is coming in December!! 

And I received my first review for SEDUCING THE HUNTRESS, so I was thrilled!

5.0 out of 5 stars Vampires Fans will be Enthralled with this Dark and Dangerous Romance, March 12, 2011
The vampire Sarzoven makes a bet with his sister that may cost him his life. He must seduce the huntress Miranda, who has marked him as a rogue vampire.

Miranda will eliminate vampires only after there is proof they've gone rogue. Sarzoven is on her list, but the sexy vampire doesn't fit the profile of a vampire who kills for fun.
When there's an attempt on her life, she's convinced someone out there has a list of his or her own. But can a huntress and a vampire work together to find a common enemy before it's too late?

Ms. Spear has a way with words, drawing the reader into the dark and dangerous world where hunters and vampires exist. Sexy characters and tense plotting makes this short vampire tale an alluring addition to the paranormal genre.

Karen Michelle Nutt, author
Review for PNR Paranormal Romances

Plus I've been asked to provide a couple of blogs on Indie publishing for two different sites, so am discussing the reasons for self publishing or not self publishing...tomorrow and later too.

Hope your Sunday is enjoyable! I'm off to dream away with wolves...and edit while I'm at it!!
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