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Dreaming of the Wolf ARCs In!

I've only received 3 before and those were requested, but I'm excited to say that I received some Advance Reading Copies for reviewers.

So if you have a review site and Sourcebooks isn't already sending you a book to review, let me know! :)

And if anyone is interested in an autographed copy of A GHOST OF A CHANCE AT LOVE, I do have them now. No free ones though!!! I had to pay for them.

But just email me!

I'm running late, but it's Friday, so that's okay!!!

Last weekend I didn't get the newsletter off because of storms, no Internet, then no electricity, so this time I'm hoping to have the newsletter done and out!

Not sure about the story this week. I'll have to look in my files for something fun to read. Envision this file cabinet ten stories high, full of wonderfully captivating stories that I can pluck out and upload.

And then envision that I write fantasy and that the above is a fantastical story. Truly!!! Even though my critique partners would say that it isn't a fantasy at all. :)

So have a super wonderful, terrific, great Friday! Any big plans for you?

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."