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Does NOT Grow Here by Terry Spear

The biggest tree I have in the garden is the Silver Maple. After my parents planted it, they were told they don't grow well in Central Texas.

Tell that to the Silver Maple! I was just reading on it and it said that it's disease prone, weak wood, fast growing, not sure about an age, but it's been there for about 35 years. What you don't want to do is plant it anywhere near cement!!!

This is what it's done to the nice cement walkway! And the brick paver trim along the edge.I have to be really careful when I'm moving watering hoses around. I've about killed myself, forgetting that my sidewalk is VERY uneven at this place!

I was reading where someone was giving advice to a homeowner in Dallas--remove the Silver Maple at once! It should never be planted as a landscape tree.

I think this tree is the tallest one in all Central Texas. It's wreaking havoc with my walkway, but in the end, I love it for it's shade!

Besides, I'm stuck with it!

Do you ever get stuck with something that would be too costly to fix so you try to look at the good side of things? 

Have you ever been told you can't do something? But then you found you could? But then, should you?

That reminds me of Jurassic Park. You can start up a dinosaur park, but should you? Hmmm, I wonder if Michael Crichton had a Silver Maple growing in his yard!

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I have a special guest visiting today! Stephanie Shaw is a fan of my books and she's coming down to visit. We'll have lunch, pick some pears and she can see my "real" work space. Heaven's forbid. If she has a camera, I will have to confiscate it! :) 

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