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Desperately Need Rain! by Terry Spear

I remember when I lived in Florida, we'd had so much drought that planes were sent into the sky to seed the clouds to force rain. I can't remember if it did or not. I don't think it did or I would have remembered it and they would have done so anytime anyone had a drought.


More recently, I saw where they had done that again, can't remember where. but it made me wonder, did it work this time? I never heard anything come of it, so maybe not.


One time I was watching a program where they had rain on one side of the mountain, and on the other side, dry as a desert. The river was filthy because the people used the water for everything, drinking, bathing, and their animals used it to...for anything.


They had a lot of disease in the village. So scientists knew that there were a lot of clouds, they just need to get that moisture to the people. They erected high screens of fine mesh into low-hanging clouds--fog, and the moisture from the clouds ran down the cloth and the people collected it for drinking water. Ingenious!


What we have is SUN and lots of it. Yesterday evening before the sun set, I was getting really excited. The sky was growing dark. Clouds, yes!


But then they blew away and there was the SUN! I can't collect the water, unfortunately, as there are no low-hanging clouds, or high hanging clouds...just SUN.


Even in the rainforest, they have rainy seasons and dry seasons. But we're supposed to get rain in September, and we still haven't had any. I hate watching the weather reports because they never know really when we'll get it either. *sigh*




So I write about it in my books and pretend I'm getting a good soaking. 


Of course it's all relative. In Oregon, we loved to see the sun!


I'm still at:

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Have a super great Thursday! I think I'll make it rain in my story some more. Just to make me feel better! :)


Terry, who can control the weather in books!

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