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Day is Nearly Over! by Terry Spear

Do you ever feel that way? I've been trying to help out fellow authors with how to promote their upcoming releases, and others with applying for audiobook payments, and I still need to finish reading Taming the Wild Highlander to ensure that it's spotless before I okay the print version...


And it's already 9:30 and the day is half over!!! And I haven't even blogged yet!


Before I know it, I'll have to take a break and start fixing lunch and where will it end???


With Tuesday! That's where!


Do you ever feel your day is half over and you haven't even begun it???


It all started with having sinus pain last night--the kind that tylenol pm won't touch. Where you feel that half of your teeth need to be pulled. Then it went from that to: Being in France. Crowded. Lost.  At night. It was getting darker. Later. More crowded. Don't the French ever go to sleep?


Parlez-vous français ?


Neine.  No.


I had been at a conference, ridden with a very nice American author to her hotel, but I needed to get to the airport, lost my luggage, and then lost my way.

I have a reoccurring nightmare about losing my way. No, it's not some deep psychological babble about being lost and not knowing what I want to do when I grow up. It has to do with ALL the times I've really been lost when I go somewhere.  :)


And that's my story, and I'm stuck with it. When I finally woke up for the final time...better than 2:30 and 4:30 and 5:30...I was really glad it was Monday!!! I had to get out of the nightmare because my muse wasn't helping in the least...


Probably payback because I don't always listen to her. :) 


And so now...it's 9:39, and I have finally written my blog!!! 


Ever lose a day now and again and wonder why?


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