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Day 6, Countdown to Howl & Mineral Water--Rusts the Pipes, Drink Beer by Terry Spear

Even though I have this blog hop going on for a specified number of days, once it's over, I still have a few guest blogs in Feb. My publicist was trying something new by having the blog hop before the release date, and I think it's been fun. Instead of giving away copies of the new book, my publisher is giving away 3 copies of earlier books. Since this is the tenth book out in the series, there are a lot of earlier books to give away!


Hopefully the roofers will come and finish the job today. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain.


I'm still looking for a new faucet set to replace the one I have. The plumber said the minerals in the water ate the internal parts of the hot water handle all up. What does that say about drinking the water???


Hmm, I'd heard carbonated drinks were hard on you. My dad always said water would rust the pipes--drink beer. His father made beer--his grandparents were from Germany. During prohibition, his dad made bathtub beer! He received a Model T Ford and a piano as payment at different times!!!!


Talk about someone wanting beer badly!!!


After prohibition, one of his cousins would come home for lunch and have beer with his lunch, then go back to kindergarten. And sleep during the afternoon. :) The teacher sent a note home with him to not allow the boy to drink beer on lunch break. :)


Back to edits!!!


A Howl for a Highlander




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