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Cover for A Ghost of a Chance at Love!
Dreaming of the Wolf was approved! This is Jake's story from Destiny of the Wolf!

Here it is! The proposed cover for A GHOST OF A CHANCE AT LOVE, coming from Vinspire Publications in September. What do you all think? Isn't he, I mean, it gorgeous???

It's awful having to be patient and wait for soooo long to have him. The story. I mean.

Today I'm also at http://kmnbooks.blogspot.com/2011/03/terry-spear-and-10-reasons-to-indie.html talking about Indie publishing.

And at Casablanca: http://casablancaauthors.blogspot.com/2011/03/overindulgence-in-storiesby-terry-spear.html About having an overindulgence in stories!

And I'm running behind because of springing ahead. Argh. Couldn't they have done this some other year instead??? :)


"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."

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Nice cover

Never heard of Vinespire publications. I just can't keep up with all the publishers.

Have to say the term indie is being thrown around but I really have no idea what it means. Can you elaborate the term?

Gabriella Hewitt

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Independent publishing. Often small publishing houses are also called Indie publishers.

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Terry, I always love your blogs!

The color blogs, the teddy bear pictures, the wolf pictures, and I now anticipate hearing about your Daughter's wedding. You shared your Son's wedding with us, and I loved it. Tonight I am taking the time to try and let Red Roomers know how much their blogs mean to me. Often times I put off until a tomorrow >>> what I should say today because I want to be meaningful but I've decided just say what I mean...
Thanks for some great reading...I am sincere!
Mary Walsh

P.S. And thanks for many a picture of some fine looking males.Some can get this Grandmother's heart a pumping >>> the snow on the roof top doesn't mean that there isn't a fire in the furnce

I love the above cover, too.

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Thanks so much, Mary!!! I ran across my "pink" blog the other day and thought I needed to do something like that again. They were fun, and it gets one to thinking...did I ever tell you that we visited a house that was up for sale in Florida that was called Cloud 9?

It was a pink house. Everything inside was pink. It was beautiful, the lady was a widow, and she had turned her home pink. I always wondered if she ever sold it. :)

I did share the hunk with the chocolate bar, right? I couldn't say which was more enticing. :)

I loved your "the snow on the rooftop doesn't mean that there isn't a fire in the furnace!" That's cute!

Off to work on Dreaming of the Wolf...short, short deadline!!! Thanks so much for enjoying my blogs. And yes, I'll share about my daughter's wedding. It'll be in January. :)

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Thank you clearing that up

Thank you clearing that up for me. Ironically, I write for an indie press. LOL And all this time I didn't know. HAHAHA
(Smacking self on forehead)

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You're welcome! :) Good luck with yours!!