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Colombian Mammoths by Terry Spear

 Colombian Mammoths found in Waco, Texas, between 14-20 feet tall, weighing up to 20,000 pounds!

 Saber tooth cat's tooth found here. It's in a museum, but the picture depicts its size in comparison with a dime. They believe it was a baby tooth!


The next picture is of the 3-toed camel. They said it looked more like a llama, longer neck, bigger than our camels today.


 A friend of mine has been off from work so I wanted to do some things with her that I never have found the time to do. One of the things was visit the Mammoth site in Waco. I went to it years ago with a professor from Baylor before it was open to the public. Now they have a building over the site and the remains here were the way they had found them.


It's really remarkable to find so many Colombian mammoths in one place. Sixteen! Three floods in the area caused the mass deaths. In the picture above, that is a bull mammoth and he stood 14 feet. The paleontologist told us that woolly mammoths actually stand as tall as an Asian elephant, but Colombian mammoths were much taller.


To the left of his body is a female's. And to the left of his tusk is the skeleton of a 3-toed camel.  On the rocks to the far left upper hand corner, they found a saber tooth cat tooth.  They believe it was a baby tooth.


 As huge as these mammoths were, can you imagine they had only 4 teeth? All four are seen here. And they had 6 pairs of them, so they just replace the four with another when the time came. When the ridges were really prominent, they said they hadn't ground them down so were fairly new. :)




Now it's back to Tom's story! I was feeling guilty because I didn't write on it, and then I remembered I had written 6 of the 12 guest blogs I need to have done for January for A Howl for a Highlander! So today is devoted to Tom. :) No more playing in the Caribbean waters with Duncan!


Can you imagine running into a mammoth??? My friend said that would be the end of her car. LOL


Have a super great Friday!!!



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