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Bound by Danger Now Available!

Deidre Roux is an Army officer with a secret. She can’t let anyone know she’s got second sight. The military would frown on such a thing and that could be the end of her career. But visions of ominous troubles to come plague her and she’s fortunate her twin brother taught her lots of martial arts tactics.

When a reporter moves in next door, she's not sure just want to think. Dave Carter owns a gun--it is Texas--and comes to her rescue when her brother suddenly drops into her life again. From there it's the normal stuff that women and men tend to do when they're getting to know each other--boating, swimming, dancing--except for one thing...she’s trying to keep her secret under wraps at all costs, which is difficult to do when she's under surveillance by the FBI, and people keep wanting her dead.

Could a reporter, who's not really a reporter, prove he might just have what it takes to keep her safe--for the long run?

B & N

So what's next? I need to reread Silence of the Wolf again. I like to let a story sit and work on something else, so I can go back and make sure that it's okay. I might wait until next week to read it again. It's like having a fresh perspective. And I can catch things I wouldn't have otherwise.

I worked a little on Taming the Wild Highlander last night...not very far on that way--11,000. But I wanted to upload it for critique partners to look over and see if I'm headed in the right direction.

I was lost last night. In a dream. I hate being lost! Left my car in one area because I couldn't find my new house. I think it was because they kept spiriting poor Deidre to new safe houses in Bound by Danger. :) It was disorienting. I had to wake myself from it to get un-lost this morning. I had ended up in a mall and one end was really ritzy (in the story they end up at a really ritzy hotel, shopping), and at the other, gang type groups had taken over. I had my camera, and something else of value, can't recall what now, and I kept thinking they might try to steal it. :) So I headed back to the ritzy section and saw little girls in dresses "ice skating" without skates in a roped off area in the mall, having the time of their lives. Hmmm.....

In the story, there were several things that are true--I was in that boating accident, only didn't end up in the water with the drunk. But the rest of it was true. The calls I got while I was at Fort Hood, the training I had to go through, and the mystery behind the whole story, all true. Well, the mystery was changed a bit, but the gist of the reason behind the mystery really had happened to a guy I worked with.

It's fun being able to incorporate truth with fiction. Sometimes the truth seems more unreal than the fiction.

I'm off to write!

Hope you have a lovely Saturday!!!


"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!"