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Books Autographed in Waco!

First,  I had to share the end of summer. This is one of the pink rose blossoms still managing to shine. I love these rose bushes. They continue to bloom really late, really early and all summer long.

I signed books at the various book stores in Waco, so if anyone is looking for the series, here are the ones autographed and ready to buy!

At Books-a-Million, they had one copy of Savage Hunger and one copy of Dreaming of the Wolf.

At Hastings, here are the books: Destiny of the Wolf (book 2), Wolf Fever (book 6), Heart of the Wolf (book 1), Dreaming of the Wolf (book 8), To Tempt the Wolf (book 3), Seduced by the Wolf (book 5) and Savage Hunger.

You'd think I would have put them in order! But in truth, the ones up above were on a shelf down below, bottom shelf, so I had to practically sit on the floor to take the picture. Course I guess I could have moved them up above and then moved them down below again. LOL They're dark because I couldn't use a flash. It's shines off the cover inside the stores. I tried lightening them up a bit, and this was the best I could do with them!

At Barnes and Nobles they had 3 Savage Hunger, and Legend of the White Wolf (book 4), Seduced by the Wolf (book 5), Destiny of the Wolf (book 2), To Tempt the Wolf (book 3) and A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing (book 9).


So what is missing? Heart of the Highland Wolf. He's getting together with his pack mates to help me with edits this weekend, that I planned to get to Friday but couldn't. Okay, so I took care of one little minor editing issue last night. I have two more minor issues and it's done!

I had to write 2 guest blogs and an interview yesterday. But I also went to the 3 book stores and autographed books, talked to my editor while I was in a dressing room trying on really pretty new cable knit sweaters (she called me back and we HAD to discuss the book I needed to turn in, otherwise I wouldn't have been on the cell discussing business in a dressing room...hmm, think this should go in a book), and talked to the dress clerk about my books and gave her a book mark! She said her sister already reads them and she wants to start too.

And picked up some more jasmine for the jasmine planter. I have huge bare spots. I don't know why. I plant huge amounts of jasmine, and sometime in between planting them and later, they're gone. I think my gardener is weedeating them out of existence.

Anyway, I planted some more. Then learned today was going to be a high of 60 and a low of 49. Poor babies. It is going to get back to 82 by Wednesday.

We were supposed to have rain, but doesn't look like it now.

I love gardening! So now that the weather is turning cooler--80's all next week, I'm going to try and get some gardening done. It's like working on books--weed out the bad stuff, add some more plants (conflict/substance/plot) and nurture it (love your characters, feel their emotions) and you can watch it take hold (in the garden/in the mind's of readers!)

I wasn't sure how the new jaguar shifter series would be received, but already several have said they're excited about the new jaguars, still want to follow along with the wolves, and can't wait to read the jaguar, Maya's story. :)

Off to do my edits on A Highland Wolf Wedding so I can get this off and start working on the newsletter!

Have a super cold Saturday! It's supposed to be a high of 60, but it's hot in the house. I need to begin writing on Silence of the Wolf--snowbound wolves, but it needs to be colder! Ever read something or write something that was way out of season and you had to really imagine the weather when yours was the opposite?

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