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Are You at the End of Your Rope?


Let go! He's trying to reel you in, to save you from yourself. Oh, I know, you just want to see how hard he'll try to get you over to seeing his way of things.Or...it's research. You know. To check out his muscles. Great job! Thanks for sharing. But really, you can let go now! And enjoy what comes next after the tug-of-war match. It's all right to lose sometimes. There's always another day to try again. You gave it your all. Let go.



If only we could see the world through a heart-shaped hedge. 




Or relax under the full moon.


We can. Just grab up a book and let it take us away.


What? You're still playing tug-of-war??? Some people just never know when to give up!


Have a great Tuesday!



"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!"


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Hah!  I got reeled in

Hah!  I got reeled in reading.  Very nice Terry :-)  Great inspiration!

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LOL, Rina!

Too cute, Rina! Cowboys will do it every time! :) Enjoy!