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Adding a Little Color to a Room


What does an author do who is working on deadlines, behind on writing, and needs to focus on the manuscript? Paint a room, of course!
I really love to paint, but rarely do it. Why? Because it takes so much work to get to the painting!!!
My daughter has been after me to repaint rooms and turn my bland white walls into something spectacular. White walls have been the norm for me because of moving with the military or on my own, or with my parents who were in the military and then the space program, and then on their own. White sells. But I'm not going anywhere. So I'm ready to have something other than white, white, white.

Trying to match up the couch with a paint was the hardest part. It's hard to tell because of the lighting in the room, but that color was the closest I could get to the couch. The lighter areas on the couch match pretty well. The walls are broken up by sections of brick pillars, windows, and brick down below, or whole sections of brick. They'll remain a shell white. But I thought painting the other walls would be like accent pieces, giving the room a cozier feel. With so much sun and so many windows, the room is really bright.And with the green walls, to me, it draws in the green foliage from outside.
I just bought a pint of paint to make sure it matched the couch well enough. Otherwise I would have done more. So what do you think?

I'll be painting on and off around my word goal. :) Really. This is just for break time. So when you're busy with other stuff, ever consider painting walls for a break???


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