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Active Alligators and Murky Waters by Terry Spear

Do you see what's behind the fish in the murky waters below? In A SEAL Wolf Christmas, Bjornolf tangles with a caiman. This is an alligator--bigger than the caiman. But the black caimain can grow to 13 feet, so not anything you'd really want to swim with.

You will not believe what Bjornolf was doing with one, early one morning while he's in the jungle. Yep. We're starting out in the jungle with this one. Wolves in a jungle? Well, he's a SEAL wolf, and that says it all.

But you know what they can find in the jungle also? Jaguars...not that they do, but just saying.

I know. I'm such a tease. In A Howl for a Highlander, they're enjoying a different kind of water fun. Lots less murky, which means you can see what's coming. LOL :)

I'm at Dark Faerie Tales with a fun adventure in answering questions about what appeals to the hero and heroine in A Howl for a Highlander. No matter what the answers are, they have to keep in character. So drop by if you want to enter for a book and tell me, did they answer the way you thought they might??? And doesn't it make you want to drop everything and read their story?

Well.....it should. :) 


Hope your Monday is the greatest!!! Tomorrow is the big RELEASE DAY of A Howl for a Highlander, and I can't wait!!! Can you?

Send me pictures of the sightings at your stores! :) If you'd like and I'll post them.

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