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Hurricane Breeze
Published by Simply Romance Reviews
This book is for anyone who tries and succeeds at breaking out their own self-imposed exile and finds their heart’s desire.
Published by Fallen Angels Reviews
The development flows well and Greg and Amy’s reactions to would-be obstacles are refreshing, honest, and much more endearing for their realism. Readers looking for the freshness...
Published by The Romance Studio
The author’s take on police work is both fascinating and entertaining. I loved the “brainstorming” session. ... a great romantic relationship and a satisfying, complex mystery.
Published by Fallen Angels Reviews
The words of Ms. Odell fly off the page and into our minds while this scene plays out. It is quite different to read about a newly married couple and how their feelings, although...
Published by Night Owl Romance
This page-turner turns on the heat between our hero and heroine while circumstances surrounding them seem destined to bring their relationship to an end. Lack of trust runs high,...
Published by Romance Reader at Heart
FINDING SARAH is the kind of book that will keep you up half the night, because it's just that good! FINDING SARAH is the smoothest of reads, and nearly impossible to put down....
Published by Romantic Times Bookreviews Magazine
A beautiful woman with a past and a handsome stranger collide in this suspenseful thriller. ... What follows is an excellent page- turner that will keep readers up into the night...