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More to Publishing than Writing

Writing, especially if you're going the indie route, requires a lot of non-writing stuff.

When I got the rights back to my Pine Hills Police novels, FINDING SARAH and HIDDEN FIRE, and I decided to consolidate the 4 short stories featuring Randy and Sarah into a single volume, FINDING FIRE. (Title suggested by Facebook friend, author Lev Raphael, when I asked for suggestions. I think he blended the two titles very nicely, don't you ?)

If you recall an earlier post, when rights revert, the covers aren't included, so I had to get new covers for FINDING SARAH and HIDDEN FIRE. Thanks to Jessica's efforts, and my sister-in-law's photography, there's a new cover for FINDING FIRE that fits right in with the other two books.

Then it's a matter of formatting. Each sales venue requires slight modifications, so you have to make sure you're linking the Barnes & Noble books to your Barnes & Noble page, not your Amazon page. Formatting the actual text for Amazon, B&N and Smashwords is simple, but All Romance eBooks requires that you do your own conversions for the various formats. I used Calibre, which isn't too complicated, but it's still time consuming to create 4 or 5 formats for 3 different books.

And there's the upload process. Each site has different fields to fill out, and some are more user-friendly than others. One site was fighting me all the way, refusing to recognize that I REALLY had filled out some required fields, so that one is being set aside for a day or two until my blood pressure returns to normal.

Add to that the updating of my website pages with the new covers and links, as well as my blog pages, and it's a labor-intensive project, especially if you're only a semi-techie and the program seems to insist that things be done a new way no matter how many times you've done it another way.

However, at long last, you can find FINDING SARAH, HIDDEN FIRE, and FINDING FIRE at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. All Romance eBooks is pending.

And to celebrate, I'm offering 50% off FINDING SARAH and HIDDEN FIRE at Smashwords. Barnes & Noble and Amazon don't have discount programs, but Smashwords offers formats for the Nook (epub) and Kindle (mobi or html, and maybe pdf. I don't have a Kindle, so I'm not sure what they accept.)

Check the Deals and Steals tab for the coupon codes. FINDING FIRE at 99 cents is below the pricing minimum for a discount, so you can get that one direct from the Amazon store or Barnes & Noble. (Or, you can get them all from the Amazon store or Barnes & Noble—you'll just pay a tiny bit more. Regular price is a mere $2.99)

I'll be sure to let everyone know when the books are available at the other sites. And I hope you'll all take a few minutes to check them out.