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Friday Field Trip - Northern California

When writing, setting is as much a part of the book as the characters. Often it becomes a character. A few years back, the hubster had a meeting at Humboldt State College in Arcata, California. This region gets a lot of rain. My intent was to sit in our hotel room, which was way out in the middle of nowhere, and write. But, the sun kept shining. I figured I'd take advantage of the good weather and write the next day, and the next. We had no rain, only sun. Although I didn't write much, I did see some great scenery, much of which turned up in Hidden Fire, when Randy's investigation brought him to, coincidentally, the exact same locations I'd visited.

Bodega Bay, (which looks a lot like the spot where Randy admired the view)

Old Town in Eureka, where Randy & Sarah questioned an art gallery worker.

The Boardwalk, where Randy & Sarah shared ice cream, and a little innuendo

One of the trails behind campus, where Randy ran into serious trouble.

View from the trail

The stream where Sarah helped Randy soothe his wounds.

The redwoods, where Randy wanted to hike with Sarah before I threw more bad stuff his way.