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A Tale of Two Covers

Where Danger HidesFor my Five Star Blackthorne, Inc. series, the publisher grants digital rights to the author. However, we're not allowed to exercise them for a full year after publication. On the one hand, it's frustrating not to be able to provide e-books to those readers who want them. But on the other hand, nowadays it's rare to have any e-rights at all. Publishers are seeing the success of digital publishing, and they want to hold on to those rights while they decide how to deal with them.

As my digital release date for WHERE DANGER HIDES drew nearer, I had to deal with the cover of the e-book. I have digital rights to the content of the book, but the cover belongs to the publisher. I had two options: pay the publisher for the rights to use the same cover, or create a new one. I chose option two.

Once again, I set my cover artist, Dave Fymbo to work. With my Pine Hills series, I wanted an entirely new look, because I was revamping the books and wanted the covers to look connected. But for WHERE DANGER HIDES, I wanted to keep the end result as close as possible to the original, so there would be no confusion that it was the same book, only in a different format.

Although we tried to find the same image the publisher had used, we were unsuccessful. Plan B was to find something similar, and then Dave would add the title, etc., keeping them consistent with the hard cover version. I thought the following had potential.

One thing I was never thrilled with was the floating heads on the hard cover, so I told Dave not to worry about those. (Plus, it made it possible for him to enlarge my name—always a good thing, especially in the small images on the e-book stores.)

After we'd chosen the one that seemed best, Dave played with the colors to match the original. Then, almost last-minute, the book won the Holt Medallion contest, and I wanted to work that into the cover. Dave designed a "sticker" and added it to the cover.

Here are the variations Dave worked on. One thing I love about his work is that he'll make subtle changes (and some of these are VERY subtle), and keep tweaking until we're both satisfied.


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Where Danger Hides

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