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A Day ON, NOT a Day OFF

Before I forget -- I'm doing the clone thing today. I'm over at author Karin Tabke's blog, The Write Life, talking more about character inspirations. Please visit! But don't forget to come back.

I was going to continue talking about how we can use frustrations to put our characters into conflict-ridden situations, but in light of the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, my post topic seemed trivial. Grumbling about Realtors or computer crises to illustrate frustration doesn't mean much after watching the news.

Officially, it's a holiday here in the states, to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. But, as this graphic says, we should think of it as a day "on", not a day "off."

Personally, we've made a donation to a charitable organization we think will do what little good our few dollars can add. There are many of them, and if you're inclined to donate, I suggest you find one you think will put your money to effective use.

This might be a place to start checking.