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I grew up in a blue-collar family; we were poor; my dad was out of work quite a bit and mom stayed at home raising seven of us. We learned at a very young age to make do, go without, and not ask for anything we knew was never going to happen. Our circumstances forced us to recycle, re-purpose and re-use…long before it was the green thing to do. It was how we survived. Back in those days, there weren’t any government agencies to help the poor, or food stamps, or food pantries. Poor people coped, remained stoic, and never spoke about being poor. As long as our clothes were clean and pressed, and we were bathed and well behaved, that’s all that mattered; that’s how we fit in with the “haves”.

Fast forward. Like so many and given these difficult economic times, I’m struggling to make it. I’m almost grateful for having been born into a poor family, because the early lessons I learned from those experiences have proven invaluable in getting through each day and coping. Here are some lessons I’ve learned along the way and have reflected while coping. My experiences are lessons that have also enabled me to maintain hope and faith that things will eventually improve. And whether or not you draw a correlation between these experiences and one's well-being, how one copes does in fact impact one's state of wellness......




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Hello Terry, Thank you for

Hello Terry, Thank you for sharing your wisdom on coping.  I clicked on the link and continued to read on.  I think that we are all "poor" in varying aspects.  For one it's with money and for another it's in spirit.  But like you mentioned, "we are all better off than we think" and yes, I agree with you that how one copes helps tremendously one's wellness and well being.  Obviously, I do relate very much to your blog, both in relation to finances and with regards to my personal struggles, so I do thank you for reminding me about coping.  I have managed to do this quite well and it's validating to read or hear someone else talk about it.