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My flash fiction piece "Negotiations" was somehow included in the new anthology, "Flash Fiction Funny" edited by Tom Hazuka. After years spent bleeding over novel #2, it's nice to have a new story out.
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You know the time when your Amazon ratings were exploring the Marianas Trench and then a book reviewer understood completely what you were trying to do with your novel, found even the hopes and dreams you thought you'd failed to convey, and then wrote a book review using words seemingly attached to...
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I've just found out that my UK imprint (Little, Brown) has nominated my debut novel for the 2011 Arthur C. Clarke Award! Is there such a thing as a "drink-o-gram" I can send them?
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THE UNIT is available in bookstores and at online booksellers. The Kindle version is forthcoming.
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My first ever blog posts are up at Orbitbooks.net
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Guess I'll always wonder if he would've liked this: http://www.smokelong.com/flash/543.asp May he rest in peace.
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I responded to my editor's astute and (thankfully) brief comments and my book, THE UNIT, was formally accepted by Orbit in July. Now all I need to do is finish the sequel by May 1!
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My terrific agent landed a double-score, a two-book deal with Orbit. The first book, a post-apocalyptic thriller, is due out in summer of 2010.
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I recently accepted agent Jill Marsal's offer to represent my post-apocalyptic novel, THE WINTER OF GOD AND MAN. Jill is with the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.  She's already made a couple of terrific editing suggestions, and I'm making 'em.
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