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Invisible Me

Do you ever have days when you are invisible?

My sister and I talk about this a lot.  Some days we wake up, and for no reason we can determine, we're invisible.

The other day as I waited to board a flight, they announced that it was oversold and asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to surrender their seat for a $300 voucher.  I joined several other people in line to inquire about the details.  I waited patiently (well, okay, not that patiently) for my turn.  When there was only one woman in front of me, a man walked up next to her.

These are the thoughts that ran through my head.

Does he not see me?  Oh, he sees me all right.

Is he with her?  No way.  She's young, he's old.

It's only one person, don't get your panties in a bunch, okay?  No way am I letting the jerk cut in line.

While I'm having this conversation in my head, the woman in front of me leaves.   The old guy steps in front of me.  "How can I get on this plane?" he asks the clerk.

"Um, excuse me." I say.  "Hello?  I was here first."  Nothing.  No acknowledgement from the man, no acknowledgement from the clerk.  I turn around to look at the person behind me in line.  They stare right through me.  I'm invisible.

The clerk tells the man that the flight is oversold and he'll have to wait.  He steps to the side and I walk up to get the details of changing my flight.  Before I agree to change I point to the jerk standing to the side and ask if I give up my seat, will this guy get it?  When she says yes, I say forget it then, and walk off with a satisfied smirk on my face.

Okay, it didn't really happen that way.  I found out the next flight didn't get me to Kansas City until midnight so decided not to take the voucher.  But, hey, invisible me really showed that guy, right?

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Teresa, Don't you just hate


Don't you just hate when people ignore you like that?

I love your honest response. Yep, I dream of taking people on, but rarely do.

Ah, well. One can dream.


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Annette, I once said exactly


I once said exactly what I'd dreamed of saying to a nurse.  The next time my husband came in for an appointment she said, "Your wife is sure mean."