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May 2011

My name is Teresa Mcloughlin, and I have been writing for a few years. I have two books , of different genres, for sale at the moment. Both can be found on Amazon. One is called Pray, and is available as a hard back, and as an ebook, and one is called Switches, Switches. I am currently working on a third book - Switches, Switches 2. Excerpts can be found on Amazon on the following link http: //www.amazon.co.uk/TeresaMcloughlin/e/B006T2ZV52/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1


I have been influenced by a whole century worth of great novelists but can not put my own work into a particular style. I have been told by two reviewers that it has 'powerful imagery' but I think that it is best judged by the reader. An excerpt of Pray -the first chapter - can be found on my website; http://booksbyteresamcloughlin.weebly.com/  or at Amazon. I haven't had a review of Switches, Switches yet, but it was influenced by my skin - see my website http://expressiveskin.weebly.com/ . All my websites are entirely free, and are either google, sites.google.com  or weebly sites - www.weebly.com

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Switches, Switches, 2

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