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Astoria, NY
Nope. Not yet.
Oct 2008

Teresa Jusino entered the world kicking and screaming on the same day that Skylab fell.  Coincidence?  She thinks not.  Her writing has appeared in the community newspaper, Elmont Life, as well as on the sadly defunct website, CentralBooking.com, edited by Kevin Smokler.  Currently, she is a contributing writer for PinkRaygun.com, a webzine that examines geek culture from a feminine perspective.  She has also recently become a comics writer for PopMatters.com.  Teresa is working on several projects including essays, a comic, and a collection of short stories.  She hopes that, one day, her fiction will be read by people who don't know her.


I have favorite authors...but I hesitate to name specific authors as "influences." It's probably safe to say that I've been influenced in one way or another by everyone I've ever read.

Upcoming Works

Paid published work! Some of them may include:

- a short story/essay/article published in a literary journal or some other magazine/outlet that pays
- a short story collection
- a novel
- a weekly comic
- a graphic novel

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Interests & Hobbies

I like stuff.  Things too, but mostly stuff.

Some of that stuff is:

writing, reading, singing (LOTS of karaoke), engaging in geekery, watching films, TV, and theater, taking walks, hanging out with friends over good wine, and figuring out ways by which I can save the world...