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Dec 2008

TERENCE TAYLOR is an award-winning children's television writer, whose work has appeared on PBS, Nickelodeon, and Disney, among many others. After a career of comforting young kids, he's now equally dedicated to scaring their parents. His short horror stories have been published in all three Dark Dreams anthologies. He lives quietly in Brooklyn and laughs a lot between acts of literary carnage.


George Orwell, Ray Bradbury, Roald Dahl, John Collier, H.H.Munro, Mikhail Bulgakov, Ismael Reed, William Burroughs, Anthony Burgess, Walter Moseley, Octavia Butler

Upcoming Works

Bite Marks: A Vampire Testament

A teenage runaway is killed by a sadistic vampire with the pathology of a serial killer, who has stalked her family for over a decade. Brought back to life to feed on her child, she’s killed again -- but not before reviving her first victim, her firstborn. The undead infant escapes, triggering a citywide search for a vampire baby whose existence threatens to expose the entire vampire society.

And they will stop at nothing to make sure that doesn’t happen.

In the downtown art world/club scene of New York City, Steven and Lori, an artist and a writer, are in the middle of a bad break up. Instead of being able to simply move on, they are stuck with each other, bound by a contract to do a book on vampires. When they stumble across the real thing, will their feelings for each other intensify as they're reunited to battle monsters they scarcely believe exist?


Victoria Sanders and Associates

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I'm a writer and an artist.  I don't do hobbies.  Or everything I do is a hobby.  You decide.