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Little Bridget And The Flames Of Hell
From Matt Brockwell... Years ago, when I was a college undergraduate who dabbled in theater, I read that the difference between a skilled and a novice actor, is nowhere more clear than when they are asked to portray the state of being drunk. The simple, and wrong approach, is to mimic the...
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In Terence Clarke’s soon-to-be-completed novel When Clara Was Twelve, an American girl Clara Foy is visiting Paris with her parents in 1965. They meet an old friend of Clara’s mother, an Irish artist named Jimmy Roman. One day, Jimmy invites Clara to join him in a walk around the famous Paris...
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My new Huffington Post piece on the fine San Francisco Argentine tango band, Trio Garufa...
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My Huffpost piece, published today, on chef Mike Campbell.
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From "E.A.T."... Des Collins studied the croissant carefully. It was a lovely shape: a quarter moon, looking delectable and roundly layered, its hue somewhere between rich honey and dusk sunlight. In the glass case, it appeared ready to offer a velvet-like welcome here and there to your finger once...
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My new story, "Blazes". "Noting their neatness, Blazes Boylan examined his fingernails. Riding with Leo Flowers in a taxi up 8th Avenue, he felt that he should keep his eyes averted. He was, after all, about to sleep with Leo’s wife Marion. The fingernails revealed little, especially with regard to...
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Murder in Manhattan? "Everyone in L.A."
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Manhattan Island, Ireland, The British Isles, The Falkland Islands... "The War", available at Amazon.com. __________ “Why not just push the Brits back into the sea?” Martin said, holding an empty fork over his dinner plate.  His cousin Romero Heflin shoved the ravioli about his plate with so...
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"Each letter was a soulfully made present to a little girl far away, and each one of them had made her suffer terribly." Loss...tango...New York City...  I hope you'll look at a new story of mine, "Ernesto & Julietta", available as an E Story at Amazon.com.  
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Hope you'll look at my new piece in Huffington Post on "The Cult of Beauty"...
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"On St. Patrick's Day, a Latino friend whose family has lived in Arizona and California since before 1848, asked me 'What immigration problem?' He leaned far over the cappuccino on the café table between us, shook his head slowly and then looked up at me once more, a smile on his face. 'Are they...
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AAM Maharaja 74.jpg
I hope you'll look at my review of this remarkable show, in The Huffington Post...
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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.jpg
A major problem in this movie is one that all storytellers must deal with. There has to be in every story at least one character for whom the reader or viewer really cares. Someone has got to matter emotionally. Be it the hero or the villain or someone central in between, at least one major...
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Photo courtesy of The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
In her book The World of Venice, Jan Morris describes an arrival at one of the most artful places in the world. "It is very old, and very grand, and bent-backed... It is a gnarled but gorgeous city... [It] seems to shimmer -- with pinkness, with age, with self-satisfaction, with sadness, with...
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Jimmy Harrison (l) and Terence Clarke  (Photo: Beatrice Bowles)
I have envied many cowboy hats in my life. John Wayne's, for instance, which is iconically famous, a big hat for a big man, its very wide brim reminding me of a ship's wake making its way across a troubled sea. Clint Eastwood's is not as grand, but it very much suggests the character that he plays...
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