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China and Tibet

Dear Paul Tighe and Janet Ong,
Thank you very much for your unbiased story "China, Meeting Dalai Lama Aides, Says Tibet Riots Harmed Ties", although the comment from both the sides are truly understandable yet there are certain amount of attention that need to be poured onto the allegation that honorable Mr. President Hu Jintao has expressed against His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I have personally noticed in several stories that Communist Party of China (CCP) had always been very certain about His Holiness engineering the recent uprising in Tibet, and they had also attained certain degree of success in propagating the same to mass Chinese population. On the contrary I had also witness CCP censoring the western news channels so to blind fold-masses on recent issues. At the same time they had also banned freedom of journalist in the riot hit areas and there is no access to international fact finders. Looking into all these circumstances, I wonder how could they continue to alleged His Holiness the Dalai Lama for master minding the protest, who on the other side continue to appeal for freedom of press and international fact finders in the riot hit regions. And more surprising is that neither Mr. Hu nor any of CCP authorities have presented any significant evidence until date to prove their allegation.
Quite the reverse, CCP's continuous obduracy in analogizing International Peace Icon, Nobel Peace Laureate and US Congressional Gold Medallist His Holiness the Dalai Lama being violent and hypocrite, is more of irony in their policy to open to the international community. Because, their revulsion against individual Dalai Lama is nothing but not recognizing what an international community had recognized in one voice. It is therefore, rightly be concluded that they have no affable intention to open to the world but to extend their economical imperialism throughout the world.
It is therefore; you and your friends in the press world are hereby requested to go deeper into the truth and demand CCP of any evidence to prove their words, otherwise CCP must be told to respect individual's right to survival and stop demonizing an international icon.

With all the respect I possess