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Economic Treason

I wonder how many of our politicians sleep at night, them and their CEO buddies selling out Americans right and left. Shame on them all. When did money become more important than loyalty to our country?

Every time they send another company or job overseas they are selling us out to the highest bidder.

History shows us America was made great by the factories and workers based here at home. This provided the foundation and stability of a country that was once great by men with more integrity and honor than all of Congress put together.

 If the founding fathers of our country could see where we are today they would roll over in their graves. 

Those of you in the government that know where I am coming from need to knock some sense into the ones breaking  the rules of human decency. We need to defend America, nurture and rebuild her to her original glory.

Anyone selling out to foreigners needs to be tried for economic treason.

Whatever happened to made in America by America and for America? 

It makes me so mad and sick to my stomach I don't like to think about it. 

 Tenaya Bolin (Jacob)