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Tehry Smith's Writings

  Years spent; at times in the billows of folly. Peace and sorrow having shared time in a life traveled with awareness that the surface is barely scratched. Upon examination, the passage of time is a testament to wonder, and not a scar.   Many who unknowingly enriched, or tortured, my spirit, have I long since buried. I am not a visitor of graves, for the dead...
I tend to enjoy the company of artists - in spurts; short spurts... once an artist starts going on about his or her passion, or explaining what everything means - and why it means what it means, well, that's when I say to myself, "... hmmm... enough of this whimsy - gotta go...".  Generally speaking, I do love the creative mind. Why, some of my best...
  I. I equal me and am the whole what I see reflected will be anatomically a gender a color of skin a cover over bone & flesh the true inside of me will be I equal me © 2008 tsmith
La Tableau
          beautiful and movement and pause pursuit and capture raw seduction expanding and breathing flesh and voice trenchant and falter weep and madness silence contrite and abandon forgiven and owned solitude and diminution deafening sane primal and joy ©  2008 T Smith