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Time.  Years spent; at times in the billows of folly. Peace and sorrow having shared time in a life traveled with awareness that the surface is barely scratched. Upon examination, the passage of time is a testament to wonder, and not a scar.   Many who unknowingly enriched, or tortured, my spirit,...
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      In Loving Memory of   Bruce Allen Woody        1963 - 2008
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Barefoot College has been and continues to be a very positive and powerful experience in the lives of many people throughout India. The code of conduct by which it operates and empowers is an excellent example of the good that is inherent in each of us...  simplicity of purpose,  humility of spirit...
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The lively and wonderful discussion regarding white privilege (http://www.redroom.com/author/tim-wise) has often been a topic of interest in my life... I am particularly interested in the debate, if you will, as it pertains to the lives of children and the plans and dreams that we as parents set...
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