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by Richard R Blake (Reader Views)
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Richard R. Blake
Reader Views

Alexander is an incredibly gifted author. He puts into his characters, a depth of feeling, a glimpse into their obsessions, and those identifiable physical characteristics which make them genuine and believable.


I became so intrigued by Alexander’s vivid descriptions that I found myself visiting the picturesque websites of Half Moon Bay’s shoreline, the Holiday Inn’s lobby in San Francisco’s China town, the dining room of Neptune’s Palace at the Wharf, the archaic St. Olaf’s Church in Tallinn, Estonia, and the Mennonite Colony in Chaco, Paraguay.

Much of the plot is carried by the dialog making “Theft of the Master” a natural for movie and television adaptation. Edwin Alexander has masterfully crafted a tale of international intrigue, murder, suspense, drama, and deduction. I foresee Private Investigator, Al Hersey, destined to become the central figure of a fresh new series of adventure mystery novels.