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Southampton (UK) and Crete
Jan 2008

I’m a 70 year old British chess-paying entrepreneurial geek with interests
in software & maritime intelligence, a Freeman of the City of London and
Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. These handicaps notwithstanding I
have in recent years taken up writing fiction. I’ve had an interest in
language for as long as I can remember but it was decades before I wrote
anything other than technical stuff. In the 80’s I wrote a few very short
stories which were published in a long-dead UK magazine aptly titled ‘Pulp
Fiction’. I tried my hand at poetry, mostly free verse – ‘tennis with the
net down’ as Robert Frost dismissed it – all mediocre at best. I was 60
before I tried serious writing. I live in the UK and Greece, the latter a
villa overlooking Souda Bay in Crete with 60 olive trees, vines,
bougainvillea... Crete is on the same latitude as Los Angeles - as far south
as you can get in Europe and quite a change from Newcastle - the grey
Northern industrial town (think Pittsburg) where I grew up. Apart from
writing, my other passion is exotic cars.

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Chess, Theatre, Forensic Statistics, driving too fast.