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Short Story
Ascent Magazine
"You know what they call remodeling — the marriage buster,” Katia said, as she took a grim sip of her coffee in the disaster that was Tory’s future kitchen. The ceiling above them was bereft of skylights, only a shroud of thick plastic separating them from the elements. Lucky for them that December in Southern California meant eighty-degree weather. Tory...
Short Story
5 Chapters
It sucked. Caitlin had volunteered at the hospital mostly to avoid having to go home to Phoenix after spring term ended, to her parents’ new empty-nester duplex on the golf course in the barren Arizonan desert that she refused to get used to. She figured the volunteering would consist of working in the gift shop, ringing the cash register and stocking satin bed...
Short Story
South Dakota Review
After I dyed my hair a deep chestnut and added hair extensions to match the pictures that had just been posted from the latest premiere, post-twins, I stopped at the bakery on my way to the hospital.  “Won’t matter now how fat I get,” my mother said on the phone. “At last.” In the elevator I was upset there were no mirrors to check out the effect of my new hair,...
Short Story
The Sun
FICTION The Sweet And The Saltby TATJANA SOLI The complete text of this selection is available in our print edition. TATJANA SOLI was born in Austria and now lives in Southern California with her artist husband. Her debut novel, The Lotus Eaters(St. Martin’s Press), will be published this summer. www.tatjanasoli.com MY MAMAN TOLD ME THE STORY of the olden days,...
Short Story
South Dakota Review
          The tenants all referred to Mrs. Chen as Dragon Lady because of her shrieking, vinyl raincoat, her nine red-lacquered nails filed to sharp stiletto points, the single thick, black, devilish nail of the ring finger, which they said proved she was betrothed to the devil. They cursed her because of the speed with which her minion, Mr. Onoji, thumbtacked...
Short Story
Blue Mesa New Issue Cover.jpg
Blue Mesa Review
“Dorado” - Excerpt Blue Mesa Review Spring 2009           We won the fishing trip in a drinking contest. The way it was supposed to work, after you drank six margaritas in a row, the bartender dropped your name in a fish bowl, and at the end of the night, the cocktail waitress, Marcy, drew out a winner. But we had been playing for the last thirteen nights,...