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5 Signs Your Date Isn't Really Who You Think He Is
Inspired by the stories of the thousands of women who have shared their dating stories on DontDateHimGirl.com!
Is he really who you think he is?

The dating game is tough. It isn't easy trying to find the man of your dreams and you'll probably have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. But what if you think you've already found him? Is he really as great as he appears to be? Is he as honest and hardworking as he says he is? Or is he really harboring secrets and bad intentions? Here are 5 signs your date isn't really who you think he is!

1. HE FUDGES HIS DATING RESUME...A LOT - Has your guy told you that he hasn't really dated a lot of women? Has he made himself seem like the victim of a few bad relationships instead of telling you the truth � he was the guy who caused those romances to end? Your guy's dating resume probably isn't as pristine as he would like you to believe. See if you can track down a few of his exes to get their side of the story and find out if your guy's dating resume is accurate.

2. HE KEEPS ODD HOURS...ALL THE TIME - When do you spend time with your guy? Are you together after work or on weekends? Or can you only catch him at 2 a.m. after he's been "working" or "out with the boys"?  Why doesn't he see you during normal hours or at least when the sun is up? If your guy keeps odd hours and expects you to keep them, too, you may have a problem on your hands - a guy who may not be the upstanding man you think he is.

3. HE USES DIFFERENT NAMES FOR DIFFERENT THINGS  - Do you know your guy's real name? Do you find that some people call him different names? Does he use the excuse that those are "nicknames" his friends call him? It would be wise for you to check it out for yourself. Run a background check or at a minimum, go to your local courthouse and see what comes up. You never know if they guy you're dating is really someone else entirely and you need to protect yourself.

4. HE OWES BACK CHILD SUPPORT  - Do you know if your guy has a kid? You need to find out. Most deadbeats owe child support at some time in their lives. To find out if your guy owes back child support, check your local court records online.

5. THE SKELETONS IN HIS CLOSET COULD FILL UP AN ENTIRE MORTUARY - Are you finding little discrepancies in things your guy says to you? Does he tell little white lies from time to time? This may be an indication that he's got skeletons in his closet that he's trying to hide from you.

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