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10 Surprising Girl Traits Guys Look for When They Date
This is 10-step guide to help you get your brokenhearted butt in gear, break your addiction to bad boyfriends and find lasting love.
What do guys really look for in a girl?

10 Surprising Girl Traits Guys Look for When They Date

If you're a smart girl who's been on the dating scene before, you've heard the rumors - guys want women who are freaks in the sheets and ladies in the street. What about this one? The way to a man's heart is through his stomach? Yeah, right! In the age of instant everything, from the food we eat to the shows we download on our iPods, it's unlikely that a guy will ditch a girl he likes just because she isn't Martha Stewart in the kitchen. So what do guys look for when they date? Here are 10 things that will surprise you!

1. A GIRL WHO CAN TAKE OUT THE TRASH. "Guys look for girls who aren't so prissy that they are above taking out the trash," said Richard, 29, from Massachusetts. "Guys don't mind doing it, but it's nice to know that your girl doesn't think it's a task that's beneath her that only her guy can do. That's not attractive. Both parties should be equal in a relationship."

2. A GIRL WHO CAN HANG LIKE A GUY. "You don't have to wear makeup all the time to get a guy to like you," said Jason, 19, of New York. "Most guys don't want to hang with a girl who wears tons of mascara and lip liner everywhere she goes. Natural is much more attractive. That way, we know what we're getting and you're not hiding your flaws under a bunch of makeup. No one's perfect and guys know that."

3. A GIRL WHO LIKES ENGINES. "A girl who's into cars is sexy," said Seth, 40, of Arizona. "It may be rare, but guys love girls who love engines."

4. A GIRL WHO ISN'T AFRAID OF COMPETITION. "Guys like girls who aren't afraid to challenge them," said Roy, 31, of Texas. "A game of hoops or Scrabble or anything that can be turned into a competition is a lot of fun and really sexy to a guy."

5. A GIRL WITH A BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF FOOTBALL. "I'm not saying she has to love football," said Jordan, 26, of Connecticut. "But at least have a basic understanding so you can step into my world a little bit. I would have no problem getting into something that interests a girl I like and I think guys feel the same way."

6. A GIRL WHO DOESN'T EMASCULATE HER MAN. "A girl who does this is going to be gone fast," said Ryan, 46, of Florida. "I don't want any woman to make me look like a punk or a weak man. It's not attractive and most guys won't stand for it too long."

7. A GIRL WHO CAN HOLD HER AROUND OTHER GIRLS. "I love a girl who isn't insecure," said Brad, 33, of California. "A good-looking girl could walk into a room, but I want my girl to barely notice and keep her attention on me."

8. A GIRL WHO DRINKS BUT NOT TOO MUCH. "I like a glass of wine from time to time," said Matthew, 39, of California. "So I love a girl who can have a few glasses with me and not get too crazy. No guy likes nursing a drunk girl all night."

9. A GIRL WHO ISN'T AFRAID TO DO SOMETHING SPUR OF THE MOMENT. "Girls who don't have to get all made up to go everywhere are super cool," said Sebastien, 28, of Utah. "They can go with the flow and take it easy which is nice."

10. A GIRL WHO DOESN'T HATE ALL OF HER MAN'S GUY FRIENDS. "Some of my guy friends are gross," said Taylor, 34, of New York. "But I like a girl who can at least find some good in them and not hate them all because that just causes tension and isn't cool."

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Nice blog post

Tasha, great article. Your 10 traits make sense.

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Great List!

All the items on your list have a real ring of TRUTH to this guy.  I'll especially "second" the counsel for women to be "natural"  (rather than overdoing the make-up, emphasize the "art" that conceals art) and willing to go with the flow and do things on the spur of the moment!

Now all we need are "Ten Surprising Guy Traits That Gals Look For."  You must have some creative ideas/suggestions in this area as well!