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What About the Evil That Girls Do?

So, evidently, I’ve decided that the best way to prepare for a fabulous weekend is to go out before it even starts. Regular readers know that few people know better how to get in trouble thanRenee Rosen and me. But don’t we lookinnocent? You’d trust us with your car, right?

My parents did. They’re headed to Mexico tomorrow morning, for a fantastic trip with uber-chef Rick Bayless…..and rather than leaving their car at the airport, left it with me and my (tiny) parking space. After, that is, they fed us in spectacular fashion at Custom House.

The steak was amazing. And sustained us not only through the drive to O’Hare, but through the YEARS it took to make our way back to Renee’s urban cottage. Because the thing is, in a city, you really just need to walk. It’s so much quicker than, say, oh, sitting in traffic for an hour trying to get off the highway. Fireworks mania will do that, although I still can’t quite comprehend why the back-up was going IN to to the city when the crowd, done with the display, was LEAVING.

Luckily, though, we were more than capable of entertaining each other, covering pretty much every decent subject on the face of the earth. The usual things: Gangsters, the hierarchy of the mob, why bookstores close, Iran, stupid boys in their stupid cars, what we should wear Saturday night, the most perfect chapter ever written. But amusing as we were, we couldn’t come close to today’s Virtual Cocktail guest. Award-winning author Dave White has just celebrated the release of his second novel, The Evil That Men Do. Now, you can listen to me blather on, or you can trust Publishers Weekly, who gave the book a starred review and called it “stunning.”

And, really, as late as it is as I’m sitting an writing this, you’re better off with PW. I’m only semi-coherent at best.

ANYWAY! Dave is not only a talented writer, he’s also the guy I was lauding just a week or so ago for calling me from Pearl Jam concerts (he was at four) so I could listen to “Yellow Ledbetter” and “Come Back.” And he can make you laugh no matter how despondent you’re feeling. What girl doesn’t need a friend like that?

So what I’m saying is maybe–just maybe–you should buy multiple copies of his book, ok?


My buddy made a drink that involved 6 cups of beer, lemonade concertrate and water and a shot of gin in a pitcher. It was good.

BILL: Do you keep cootie-spray handy for when you talk to girls?

DAVE: Nope, that’s for when I meet creepy writers from Oregon.

TASHA: What’s the best thing about summer?

DAVE: The days off, the sleeping in (usually) and the extra time to read an write.

JT: Just what is this fascination with Eddie Vedder? Are you sure you weren’t beer goggling last night?

DAVE: The funny thing is it’s not a fascination with Eddie. It’s the whole band. They put on a great show and were well worth seeing four times in one week. Yes. Four times. I can’t believe I just typed that sentence.

SARAH: What really happened at the Canadian border? Come on, time to spill.

DAVE: Oooooh, Sarah you’re bringing up old memories. I got stopped. I got banned. I am no longer allowed into the country to taste their fine delicious beer.

JASON: What kind of idiot signed up WHEN ONE MAN DIES?

DAVE: Errrr… Next question.

TASHA: What’s the last book that completely blew you away?

DAVE: The Dawn Patrol by Don Winslow. It’s a traditional PI tale told from a surfer’s point of view, almost as if Lebowski got a board and moved to San Diego. It’s got some moments of great suspense and even better character moments as well.

ERIC: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

DAVE: The most embarassing thing… Hmm, there are several. But let me tell my favorite teacher story.

“Hey, Mr. White, do you like Eminem?”

“Yeah, they’re good, I put them on ice cream.”

“No, the rapper.”

“The wrapper? What’s it’s brown and says M&M on it.”

“No, you know, Slim Shady?”

“Oh. Um. I’m just really uncool right now, aren’t I?”

TASHA: Is waking up before the sun rises ever a good idea?

DAVE: Since I’ve answered these questions on about 4 hours sleep because of that, NO, not it’s not. But you do get to see that the creepy guy at Dunkin Donuts is not as creepy at 5 am.

Thank you, Dave!!! I’m a little concerned about the creepy guy at Dunkin Donuts, but we don’t have to go there. I realize you’re all most likely grilling something fabulous or hanging out at a lake or beach or some equally festive spot while listening to Sousa marches, but don’t forget to pick up The Evil That Men Do!

Finally, Dave’s left a single question for you:

What’s your most embarassing moment?

That’s one I’m not sure I’m willing to answer in a public forum…..Instead I think I’ll sit here by myself pondering whether it would be obscene to already break into the leftover steak…..

Have a great 4th!


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You sure know a lot of

You sure know a lot of famous people.  I don't know anyone famous; I'm assuming that they're great fun to hang around with!

My most embarrassing moments are whenever I witness individuals making a serious but honest gaffe in front of a lot of people.  Perhaps I'm a bleeding heart but I feel equally if not more embarrassed being a part of it. 

Therefore whenever I make a mistake (which is quite often) I try to put other people (and me) at ease.  Indeed it makes us all human.

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Oh, Thomas, I know just what you mean--it slays me to watch other people being embarrassed. 

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With so many people . .

With so many people . . .

                                        . . . it's an embarrassment of riches.