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Franz Kafka

The Castle.. The Trial.. Metamorphosis.. Three works of seemingly unfinished genius.. Now you are part of me.. For I went as far as one could go.. Yet, you seem to meet a road block at every turn.. Hinting loosely at a way out.. I find it always.. Hence freedom is mine.. Conundrum and disquiet yours.. Follow me Kafka into a world we both know so well.. Follow me as once I followed you..

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Lot's of following going here.

Lot's of following going on here, like the communists never went away. If I follow anyone long enough, I always get lost. I tell myself it's because THEY don't know where they're going, but maybe they're just on the other side of the revolving door, and I will never get any closer.... James Hawes wrote a book about Kafka entitled "Why you should read Kafka before you waste your life" He has a story in there about him buying Austria-Hungarian war bonds, because it sounded like such a safe investment. I don't know if that's true or not, but it's so Kafka.