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Arc & Hue
Published by http://www.siueblackstudies.com/2010/09/tara-bettss-arc-hue.html
Tara Betts’s volume Arc & Hue rhythmically and thematically explores life in its varied experiences and personal struggles. Betts creatively portrays the tensions of...
Arc & Hue
Published by http://www.thedefendersonline.com
In her debut collection of poetry, Arc & Hue, Tara Betts articulates deeply-felt human emotion in a lyrical, beautiful way. Betts is a poet for the people. In her work, she...
Arc & Hue
Published by Meridian: The Semi-Annual from the University of Virginia, Issue 24
Arc & Hue
Published by http://feministreview.blogspot.com
Full text appears here and at Elevate Difference.
Published by Calyx, Volume 26:1
In "Arc & Hue," Tara Betts offers an ambivalent look-and a hopeful glance toward black female adulthood.
Arc & Hue
Published by Elevate Difference
Rich in vivid images and musicality, this collection is an authentic portal into the very pulse of life. With the use of repetitive forms like sestina and canzone and the smooth...
Arc & Hue
Published by harriet: a blog from the Poetry Foundation
For real, all one has to do is read Arc & Hue to know that Betts is a REAL poet. Not only does she write about a diverse range of expansive themes, but she also grounds these...