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"The Book I Want To Read" contest flyer
If you know a teen who enjoys reading and writing (or you are one yourself), I'd be so happy if you  spread the word about my contest:   Is there a book you wish someone would write that you've never been able to find in the library or on a bookstore shelf--one you wish you could have written...
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My five-year-old daughter has been making Halloween decorations since the middle of August.  I'd held firm until then, trying to show her on the calendar how far away the end of October was, saying that if she got excited about Halloween that early she'd end up being tired of it by the time it...
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My friend Amanda likes to say she's the only writer she knows whose kitchen gets a mention in a novel's acknowledgments.  Also in the acknowledgments of my novel is the cottage of our wonderful teacher, the late Stephanie Moore.  And so, of course, are the people that once populated Stephanie's...
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Lately, I've read too much fiction that seems to me like this: a story opens at a point where the characters have stopped trying/hoping to make their lives change.  They think about this not trying/not hoping, wondering how and why they've stopped trying/hoping.  Often, there is a moment where they...
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Eight lines in, I spotted the homophone error.  Though twelve years later I can't recall the exact misuse (there/their? your/you're? to/too/two?), I do remember thinking that even a million such errors couldn't detract from the quality of the poem.  The high school student who had written it was...
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One Little Golden Book on my daughter's bookshelf is not like the others.  The protagonist starts talking before the copyright information is displayed.  He talks about the wordy copyright page.  He calls attention to the fact that he is, indeed, in a book.  And then... he talks directly to the...
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More than anything, you want to be published.  You know how important it is to understand the "business" side of things, so you do everything you should.  And more. You read agents' blogs. You subscribe to Publishers Marketplace.  You post on three boards for writers.  You have an Excel...
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Ah, conference season!  You walk in, pitch memorized, nametagged, and first five pages in hand, ready to... ...berate Very Famous Editor during a morning one-on-one for not recognizing your manifest talent?   ...interrupt lunch conversation between your roommate and Very Famous Agent about their...
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How To Buy a Love of Reading website
Long after I'd made the last major revisions to How To Buy a Love of Reading--the Advance Readers Copies already printed, the copyedits completed--I began creating the "books" on the virtual bookshelf of my website.  By providing interested readers with additional material, (photo albums...
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"Oh, right.  You're the breast lady," said the staffer at the fourth floor paging desk of the San Francisco Public Library as I handed him the yellow request slips.   Breast Lady.  The phrase evoked, for me, a grotesque cartoon bosom mounted atop spindly legs.  When he called my name...
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It's hard for me to believe that until five years ago, I could just skim The San Francisco Chronicle's weekly guide to literary events, read about which authors were doing events at Book Passage, my local independent book store, and blithely decide to go hear them speak.  I'd go because I love...
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Tomorrow, a stranger might hand you a rose.  "We honor you today..." the card attached to it will read, "...because mothers are a scarce resource."  Across the United States (and especially in the San Francisco Bay Area), volunteers from Mama Hope, a non-profit organization...
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My daughter, who is four, sleeps with books.  The little corners  somehow don't wake her up when they poke into her ribs.  She can't read yet, but by nightlight she gazes at their pictures, and holds them close, and imparts to them the same talismanic, scary-noise-and-shadow-vanquishing qualities...
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