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Tanya Egan Gibson's Biography

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Marin County, California
Feb 2009

Tanya Egan Gibson's debut novel, How To Buy a Love of Reading, was published by Dutton in May 2009 and had its paperback release by Plume in July 2010.  Her essay, "Bump," is forthcoming in the anthology Milk and Ink: A Mosiac of Motherhood.  An alumna of Squaw Valley Community of Writers, she is mother to a five-year-old girl who produces countless construction-paper "books" she insists Mommy "get published" and a two-year-old boy who thinks books are for throwing, and wife to the most patient man in the universe.


F. Scott Fitzgerald, Joss Whedon, Ann Patchett, Andrew Sean Greer

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How To Buy a Love of Reading


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