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Berkeley, CA
May 2010

I teach fiction writing through UCLA Extension Writing Program, WritersCollege.com, and my own academy.

I write the books: Lucid Membrane (Night Publishing), Collapsible Horizon, The Cabinet of What You Don't See (ISMs Press), Watching the Windows Sleep (Naissance Press), Liminal (10 Pages Press), Swinging on the Edge of Day (Naissance) with two full length fiction books forthcoming -- Yard Man from Make-Do, and Unside: A book of closed time-like curves from Dog Horn. I have over 200 creative writing publications in journals and anthologies. I have won awards, including two from Cezzanne's Carrot, and from Medulla Review, Punkpen, The Iowa Journal of Literary Studies, The Academy of American Poets Award, and nominations for the Pushcart Prize by Rose and Thorn and Metazen.

I publish Exclusive Magazine, and run Experimental Writing, LucidPlay Publishing.

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making art, music, video, meditating, dancing, Lucid Play, hugging trees and talking to flowers, promoting experimental literature, artistic movies, laughing.