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It's here! My Mother Was An Upright Piano: Fictions is officially published today! Wow. I can't quite believe I am now the author of two books, two gorgeous books full of fictions. I'm very lucky. In a minute I'll invite you to head over to my newly-redesigned website taniahershman.com to find out more about the book, read some of the fictions, and find out where to buy it. (And read two newly-published interviews with me, at The View From Here magazine, where I talk about short stories, and at Christopher Allen's I Must Be Off blog about ex-pats, where I talk about being an ex-ex-pat...)

But before that, take 1 minute 28 seconds to watch the fabulous book trailer created for me by my wonderful partner, James! I rather like it... (my first ever book trailer):

There are enough for all of you!

Ok, now you can head over to my newly-redesigned website taniahershman.com ...!