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10 Reasons/Lame Excuses for Not Writing
  1. I've just moved countries and am unsettled (can milk this one for months and months...)
  2. The cats are in quarantine and I can't possibly write without them (another 5 months' shelf life for this excuse)
  3. My new study is an unfamiliar place, I can't write here until I feel totally comfortable (Yes, right, I can write in any cafe but not my own workspace?)
  4. I've got far too much to do with the Short Review (I have a great deputy editor, so really can't use this one)
  5. I do lots of writing-related things (Hmm, this old one...)
  6. I am in a fallow period and should be gentle with myself (ah, this is good, can use this one a lot)
  7. I'm still working on promoting my book (Oh, come on, it's been 13 months, get over it...)
  8. I write very very short stories so don't need very long to do it, I can always do one later (Yes, but I want to write longer stories, so I need to get down to it...)
  9. I don't know what I want to write (If I wait for this, I'll never write again...)
  10. Because it's the thing I most want to do and so, being contrary, I'm not going to do it. (I don't get this at all....but it's a strong one)
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I have to read ........

this and this and this and........new blog......email......!!

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The oldest occupation: putting off writing one's book


I like your list. I often refer procrastinators to the correspondence of James Joyce and Ezra Pound.

Joyce wrote (I am paraphrasing):

"I can't write in this miserable city, my apartment here is too small, too noisy to get any writing done...my family bothers me with triffles and the days go by without working on the book, my teaching job leaves no time or energy left for writing...I've lost the calling card of that man who said he might help me...and I've heard of a great place to buy suits at a discount and was wondering if you could you loan me the money for a new suit so I can present myself better to the right people? Oh, it's probably no matter, I'm sure this Ulysses will never get written and no one would read it anyway and it's probably terrible..."

I really like that you're looking at your excuses and realizing they aren't real, aren't you, are likely universal, amusing, and most importantly, don't have to stop you!

Ivory Madison
Founder and CEO, Red Room

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Kunzang, oh yes, email and

Kunzang, oh yes, email and this... and this... and blogging... and...and..

Ivory, what a fantastic quote, finally I sound like James Joyce! Thank you so much for this, and yes, I do realise they aren't real, I hoped blogging about them and getting them into words might make them vapourise!