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Debate Debacle

Here's why I listen to the debates...

Mitt Romney wants to restore foreign policy based on American interests (hmmm...didn't we support a lot of tyrants based on our own interests...and are now paying the price?) and thinks corporations are people (who have the right to bear arms!).

Despite the Wall Street fiasco, Ron Paul believes in more deregulation, because corporations can police themselves. He used the Industrial Revolution as an example (yeah, we're all beneficiaries of the IR, but I seem to recall that before evil labor laws, there was child labor. Not so good at self-regulating back then, were we?).

Michele Bachmann would eliminate corporate taxes and believes we should raise revenues not by taxing the rich, but by "broadening the base" (that's YOU, seniors, single moms and impoverished families).

Sarah Palin skirts the issue of declaring her candidacy by saying she can do more good if she's not limited by a title--aka, the Presidency  (You betcha! Just like all the good you've done for Alaska after bailing on them!).

And Rick Perry, dear Rick Perry, resorts to throwing incoherent sucker punches at Romney.

What a line up.