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Famous Teachers and Farm Workers

Fame is a by-product of media. Before the published word, and later the silver screen and television, how did Jesus become so famous? Or Mohammed? Buddha? Moses? Was there fame before the written word?

There are famous people through out history. Our society exists; as a fellow redroomer pointed out a thought I have often visited, because of one or two people who had amazing ideas, and were able to express them well enough to effect the world around them. I always think of the person who invented the light bulb. If the world ended today, and like the children’s story Hatchet, we wound up having nothing but the clothing on our backs, how would we live? I don’t know many people, if any, who know how to create metal, melt down rocks, recreate even a fraction of the things we are used to, thanks to a few human anomalies and the people who then made sure we collectively spread and used their knowledge. There are people smart enough to understand how to recreate, and those smart enough to birth an idea that is of its time and excessively useful.

Time and again I tote how I am from Los Angeles. Born here. Went to a private school from 1st to 6th grade. At the school I attended were the likes of Shannon Dohrtey, Danny Cooksey, Tracey Gold and her sisters… Celebrities are all around us here in L.A., and I am non-plussed by most of them. I can appreciate talent and a persons enthusiasm for their work. I love people who are passionate about what they do.

I have lived in Hollywood itself, and went to film school as it seemed a nouveau, cool degree to get at a time when I thought I wanted to be a makeup artist. Film seemed very retro, compared to studying video, which subsequently has mostly turned digital.

So many young people flock to live here, in a very grungy fashion. Some have money from home, and dress and try to appear to the nines to get ahead. I know one girl, Gena, who went to my high school, made it out of UCLA’s poli. sci. program in three and a half years. Only to live at home til she was well into her early thirties, in order to pursue her career as a famous rock star. Now she lives with her boyfriend, who is signed in some way to a record label. He has two children on two continents from two different ladies, not here or from his current girlfriend. Gena, from an early age, would go out to night clubs and always look her best. Make a million plans with “friends”, and only keep them if they helped advance her career. Hence, is with the “boyfriend” who is signed to a label, to help her get ahead. She is only “friends” with people she can put in her band or who help to promote her. People seeking fame aren’t always the nicest, aren’t always very honest, and are not always talented. Many people have talents, but lack the ability to reach the fame they feel they so deserve.

So what is fame? Some of the most important elements to existing are learning and eating. Yet teachers and farm workers are probably some of the lowest paid, non-famous people in existence.

Famous people are a distraction. Entertainment is a distraction. What is life about? What is your life about? Does it have meaning, or feel like it has meaning? And other than a pretty face and maybe a fun tune, what does the likes of Justin Bieber or any other famous person really have to do with your day to day existence?

To me what matters is that you are someone who has core values and attempts to be kind to other people and yourself on a daily basis, a very lofty order and life long practice. Famous or not, those people struggle with many of the same issues we do. They just happen to have many people watching them succeed, fail, or fade away. At the end of the day, are they any happier than you or I?

Happiness and balance in ones life is a constant pursuit and seeking of understanding. If I saw a Justin Bieber or someone famous, most likely I’d have no idea who that person was, would chat with them like I would anyone. Maybe would learn who they are and what they do, and appreciate how different that lifestyle was compared to my own.

I would go home to my world and still live with myself, probably not changed in any significant way, because being famous isn't significant for anyone really, except the person receiving the attention, or someone making money on that persons success. Or if you really made a contribution to the human race, we would all benefit from the contribution, be it physical or an important concept, which at that point would be separate in many ways from the person who put that contribution into existence. 

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Moses had a really good

Moses had a really good agent, AKA Aaron. Moses stuttered and he probably smelled a bit sheepy, but Aaron was eloquent and didn't have a price on his head.

And Jesus had John the Baptist who managed to draw a lot of attention with his fashion statement and diet.

I suggest you start eating locusts and wild honey and see what happens to your career.



Eric the Gentle Gentile