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Dear Tiffany's

You can be my Steve Tiffany. :) He is incognito. Dr. Stephen Scheff was my educational psychology professor when I was 27. He is 18 years my senior. We became email buddies while I was going through a pretty bad break up. Funny, the break up was much easier than the relationship ever was. The relationship was HARD.

I met Paul while having paid good loan money to work at the Cannes Film Festival, 1997. I feel so in love with him. I would with many, but with him? We wrote emails from our prospective places in the country. I, LA, he Temple City Philadelphia. He went to La Salle, parents were once a nun and Christian Brother.

Anyways, that relationship was doomed from the start. Only child was he, me having so much to work out upon moving out of the house. I needed someone calm and wonderful. He was working round the clock to get into film industry (now a card holder of two unions). My mom worked at Steven Speilberg's Shoah Foundation.

I have been working since age 12 babysitting for cash, age 15 first office job...filing for hours office billing = wow, this is work?

Steve! Steve has a Phd in Psychology and Social Work. Steve is incredibly brilliant, and has via email; after I fucked him after my break up with Paul was complete because Paul up and started looking for another apartment without mentining such activity til he was caught, to me.

Steve was hot, a surfer, worked at LACOE, had a horrible divorce and this was two years later. I instigated the "romance". We wrote every day. Here is the thing. Steve, has a World Full of Insight into people. Worked in the juvenile detention center as a teacher. Kids there for horrendous crimes. He felt for them all. They bite him, commit multiple murders, he understood. They are just scared. They've been through A,B, and C.

So we faded to what I like to call Vapor Friends here on ye 'ol cyber space. BUT, he always checks in. Particularly wants to make sure I am writing. Says when I get going, my prose is second to none, and that some day, I will be a famous writer.

So, he is like the voice of God. Not many people pointed me towards the light metaphorically speaking. Nobody it felt, helped me get in and out of a relationship. I have been in free fall my whole post elementary school life. Very few boundaries or restrictions.

But it is okay. I have accomplished a lot, and have a lot I can fall back on. Tiffany. I would like to write books. Tiffany, I would like to get paid my worth. But, between David and I, he made 91K last year, I 16K teaching 3rd, and some more at tutoring.

So it is okay. I believe in God as a universal spiritual entity. God has a plan I strongly believe. Like Anne Lamont, he may or may not be Jesus, I prefer Budda. But, life has good plans for me. I am a giver. I give and give and give. Just like I write and write and write.

God bless. I must write. Sorry profusely if you'd like me to stop writing to you. :) -Tami A.-