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Buddhas Birthday Celebration is Today :)

My senior year was a daily "Dear Paul".

After you it became,"Dear Steve".

Then I wrote and wrote, blogged and blogged from 2009 on. Steve is a "supporter" of mine. But a vapor friend.

I have many real friends though. Host many many meetups. MYPC morphed into meetup.

Young 5 year old shihtus Bodhi, super excited I am up and awake. Always excited to be alive.

Aaron came over last night. He brought Maggiano's Pasta, we bought (he paid for the first time ever) a salad and jalapeno poppers, cola for him) at Pizzeria 161.

Guess who was there? Carney Wilson. So funny. I love the foodnetwork of course. Love Guy verses Rachel. One of only reality shows I watch. We had a fun conversation. :)

Also ran into Jim O'Hare from Parks and Rec. while on 5 mi. He talked and talked to myself and David whether the shows were coming back. Really a charming actor. I confused him for being on The Office. Told him I never talk to actors, sorry, but I love your show. I love Parks and Rec. too. I only watch the comedies. David watches all else after I am asleep, or on mute so it doesn't bother my senses with the screaming, etc, when I study math. Or when I am out, which obviously is often.

Sometimes I can handle like a Die Hard. My 7th grade math boys made me a list of movies they want me to watch, such as Die Hard. Then they want me to go to Youtube to listen to stuff like "The Tarantula Song" or "Thrift Shop". (not while teaching, although the Tarantula Song is Hilarious!!!). Bonding with tweens.

I am supposed to take them out to lunch. They begged and begged. I had them write a proposal to the Rabbi. Told them, this is a proposal. It may or may not happen. He APPROVED IT! Only Hebrew teachers to my knowledge get to do field trips. I said fine, send someone with me though. Especially, I don’t know their meal prayers, etc, and for safety for them and I of course.

Do you have any simple string art? Fridays, they and I are now building various paper airplanes when work is done (Friday is short day for Shabbat) or doing origami. And of course, mental math. In the beginning of each period, we do Bell Work. Occasionally I make copies of math logics. Paul, they LOVE LOVE LOVE math logics. Sneak it in their binders. Beg to take it home to finish. Some of these boys are uber smart. One of my sweeties, I had his sister last year when I was teaching 3rd grade; last two years, tries to not write a plus sign. Instead he makes a mini perpendicular sign, he is afraid of writing a cross sign. Many children think if they say the word Christmas, which contains the name of a deity in it, they will go to hell. I try my best to teach tolerance, give examples of all the nice Christians I have known, my holocaust surviving grandparents experienced nice people who were of whichever religion. They were by themselves when they got here. This summer, I am going to get (need to find) a digital recording device and record my grama’s history. Fascinating. At Antioch then I have two books to write. One, my grama’s story, maybe tween lit. elementary lit such as Lois Lowry’s Number the Stars or Ellen Hunt’s Across Five Aprils. Why not? Right?

I have been reading a bit of Paul Auster, who is a big fan of the hard-boiled detective novel. This summer I am going to plunge into Don Quixote as Auster is said to follow in his stories that type of journey for his plots. His books are the detective novel unwound, pulled apart, maybe philosophical. I read New York Trilogy one of his most famous works. David read it too, most of. David reads and reads and reads, more then me, harder stuff. Both of us, I figured there are so many biblical references; Tower of Babel, Leviathan, that I do not know. David went to Mormon seminary so may know. But nuh uh. My favorite Auster novel is Sunset Park. Reads like contemporary lit.

And so, I get to do two semesters in fiction, rest creative nonfiction since that defines most of what I spill out. Will have to do criticism of others writings, fine. And finally finally get feed back, actual feed back. Cause Paul, nobody cared what I learned. All learning past 5th grade was done on own. Parents were too tied up with other things to care. And my LAUSD schooling Paul, was not your Catholic schooling in that, no grammar for Tami. Obviously. I’ve done okay. Learned and am learning. I could really really use you as I teach and learn middle school though. My God! I spent some time wrestling with transitive and intransitive verbs, trying to get that concept myself for the kids. Direct object of a preposition? Okay, I know what a preposition is, remind self. So, that kind of learning. Need Torat to send me to college grammar class if continue to teach. I just wanted math, easier, less to know. A lot to know, but…been studying it for 3 ½ years. I love literature and all things pedagogical. But MAN  is there a lot for me to learn here. Luckily, I found Rafe Esquith a few years back, so have a good handle on many many literary elements.

Thanks for letting me send. Is nicer when possibility of someone reading. Steve’s child tried to OD twice, and other life stuff with him. His hands are full.

I do have, as you may or may not know, all the right doctors. Knew when I started I needed them, last week. So, all right people on it and know.

I wrote email to Roshi (I’ve not taken Ativan, which I may soon, half of) from the Zen Center asking if it is okay I come to center for Sunday practice. Told her very briefly am having mildish manic episode. She said and I cut and paste, “Please come -- Buddhas birthday celebration tomorrow! Thank you for letting me know how you are. See you soon. All blessings to you”

I’ve walked 5 mi 4 days in row with David. Today, chanting and meditation. Then, 5 mi walk. Floors me. Is what body needs to align. Well, body and mind :)

P.S. I slept from 9ish til 6. Positive. :)