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Memories of Home

 When I was younger we spent Christmas Eve at home. We opened one or two presents & went to bed. On Christmas morning we got up opened the rest & looked in our stockings. Then the real fun would begin. My parents, brother & I would bundle up, get in the car & go to my grandparents house. They lived in a three bedroom, one bath house with an open livingroom, & dining room. When you walked in the front door it was a straight shot to the sliding glass door to the backyard.  A bar seperated the kitchen & diningroom. My dad has 3 brothers and one sister. His sister & two of his brothers had at least two kids. To say this house got full to the brim was an understatement. But we always found room for all of us. My cousin Heather was born on Christmas day & with all the hustle & bustle some of us would forget. But Grandma always had one Christmas gift & one birthday gift for her. Grandma & grandpa welcomed all of us in there small house with open arms even when us kids got a little, best word for it hyper. As we sat around pressed together on the couch or the floor, grandma & grandpa sat in their respective chairs watching us open our presents. They were last, of course. Grandma would sit & linger over the pretty paper & try not to rip it, she barely pulled on the tape. Grandpa looked at it for a second then ripped off the paper. He was just as bad as us kids.

      They are both gone now & this time of year I miss them more than ever. My oldest daughter is named after my grandmother. I often wonder if they are watching us as we struggle through life. I aften look up & ask my grandma if she sees how smart my kidss are or ask her advice in dealing with a temper tantrum or two. This year is very bittersweet for me as my husband & I filed for bankruptcy & I have to return to work after being a stay-at-home mom for four years. After the first of the year & the bankruptcy is finalized we will be filing for divorce. I am hoping the new year is alot better than this one. I guess it's time to write a new chapter & ask God for guidance & find where I belong. I do know one thing my biggest blessings in life are my kids & they are going to be my main focus.