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valdosta, Georgia
Jan 2012

I discovered my passion for writing at the early age of ten. In 2004, I began to focus intensely on my writing taking refuge in a world of similes and metaphors. At present, I consider my teachers to be Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath and, most of all, Mary Oliver. I want to acknowledge my professor, Dr. O'Brian, and my friend, Dr. Cook, as well. My first chapbook, 'The Season', was accepted by Foothills Publishing on January 20, 2012- to be released in the upcoming months. Currently I have a Bachelors of Social Work and in September of 2012 will begin seeking my degree in English.


My writing is shaped by Mary Oliver.

Upcoming Works

The Season (chapbook)

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Foothills Publishing

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My interests and hobbies include; writing, reading, sketching, other creative forms of expression, biking, abnormal psychology and clinical social work, quantum physics, religion/spirituality, and ballet.