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Consequential Soul

Exclude if you will

The innocent bystander

It was not his intent

Or will to philander

All fault lies with me

I take up the blame

To offer excuses

Would now seem lame

To say I didn't remember

The fractals of the past

Many lifetimes of love

This now my last

My groom of this life

Not taken for fashion

Instead for protection

From myself loathing actions

See his soul is innocent

He followed my lead

If one of us should be guilty

Then so I should bleed

Whatever punishment is dealt

Lay the consequence to me

I don't believe his intention

Was to steal me from thee

So my request is made humbly

Hands of wrath much deserved

Please cast me to the depths of hell

Then his soul preserve

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Beautiful!.. Thank you


Thank you for such depth of your souls voice that is heard in your written words Tammy!


Catherine nagle